Best Gifts for New Moms: The Perfect Picks for Mother’s Day


For a new mom, Mother’s Day can be a special milestone and full of memories for the books—but it can also come with lots of emotions and little sleep. We’ve rounded up some unique gifts to make her feel extra appreciated and loved. Check out these time-saving, mood-lifting, just-because gifts for the new mom in your life. 

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, visit our    disclosure page.

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, visit our disclosure page.

Cuppa Something Good

In those early weeks, caffeine is a new mom’s best friend. No matter how many cups she needs to make it through her day, with a temperature-controlled mug her coffee will stay hot in between feedings or diaper changes. If she isn’t a coffee addict, give the new mom in your life a pretty place to boil tea for those late nights and early mornings. This gorgeous teapot is bound to lift her mood. 

Bathroom Delights

Who has time for a shower when you’re in the feed/change/sleep cycle? For the mom who hasn’t had a few minutes of hot water (and alone time) in a while, snag a bottle of dry shampoo for her. Considered a godsend to nearly every new mom, dry shampoo is a must-have and will keep her hair looking alive in between rinses. When she does find time to hop in (hopefully on Mother’s Day!), make sure she’s lathering up with a bar of lavender soap. Known for its relaxing aromatherapy properties, she’ll feel fresh and clean in no time. 

Simply Sleep

We’ve all been there—the hours are long and the sleep is, well, nonexistent. For the days when she’s barely surviving and needs to catch some ZZZs, a weighted eye mask will do just the trick. Treat her to an afternoon nap and she’ll wake up refreshed. And don’t forget her sleepwear.  Everyone deserves a PJ upgrade now and again—and her first Mother’s Day is just the occasion. Add a dose of cozy to her closet with this perfect organic set.  And don’t forget her skin: Post-pregnancy sometimes makes things extra dull. Simplify her evening skincare routine with one simple product. When she needs a little something extra, a pea-size pump of this serum will give her an instant refresh overnight. She’ll wake up looking replenished even if she’s had a midnight feeding to attend to.  

Uplifting Treasures

To help her stay energized when sweet sleep is on her mind, give any new mom a revitalizing candle to burn. Grapefruit or citrus are our favorites! And, to help keep the dirty diaper smells at bay, consider an essential oil diffuserNot only will this diffuser eliminate pungent odors from her home, but it also rotates between 14 different colors to produce a calming atmosphere in any room. Finally, simplify a new mom's life by giving her this adorable memory book that includes all the pages and prompts to capture each and every moment of a child's first year.

Sweet Reminders

Many new moms avoid any gifts or extra courtesies for their first Mother’s Day, instead shifting their attention and focus to their baby bundle. But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a reminder of how remarkable she is. Buy her a hand-made banner (this one and this one are our favorites!) to remind her just how special she is. Or, create a custom design just for her! And, while you’re at it, grab a little something organic for the new babe, too. You’ll really be on mom’s good side ;)

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