The Explorer

Endlessly curious and fiercely independent, your little is always on the go, and always getting into something. Having an unwarranted sense of confidence, s/he insists on doing things without your help, and often portrays a sense of leadership around other children. Passive activities, such as watching TV, don't hold her/his interest for very long, as s/he prefers and welcomes new adventures, especially outdoors. Often impatient and fidgety, your child is the one opening all the drawers, getting into your makeup, and asking dozens of questions about EVERYTHING.


Here are some onesies we think you’d like for your little explorer!

Adventure with me Bodysuit
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This design is perfect for your little adventurer! Our flexible cotton material is made especially with comfort and durability in mind—ideal for long days of play.

We think this design perfectly captures your little’s curiosity and ability to find magic in ordinary things (plus, your babe will look adorable in all the pictures you’re sure to take while you’re out exploring!)

This beautifully simple design clearly portrays your babe’s inquisitive personality and wandering spirit. And its comfort and softness makes it perfect for playtime and everyday adventures!


Adults follow paths. Children explore
— Neil Gaiman