The Happy Soul

Easygoing and calm, your toddler is usually active, cheerful, and well-behaved. S/he is flexible with change, happy to meet new people and try new things, and usually does so without complaints. Full of smiles, s/he plays nicely with other children but is perfectly content reading or playing with toys alone, and it is rare for your toddler to resort to anger or tantrums unless they’re overwhelmed or overly exhausted. Simply put, your toddler is a sweet little soul with a sunny disposition (and lots of hugs)!


Here are some onesies we think you’d like for your happy babe!

Beautiful Soul Bodysuit
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This ‘beautiful soul’ onesie perfectly captures your little’s sweet nature and playful spirit! Plus, how beautiful is this butterfly graphic?

“Because I’m happyyy”… The ultimate happy soul design! Portray your babe’s cute personality with one simple word.

Bring on the Sunshine Bodysuit
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Your child takes sunshine with them everywhere they go. This onesie shows off his/her sunny disposition and is a super cute outfit starter for summer!


Children see magic because they look for it.
— Christopher Moore