The Old Soul

Often shy and cautious, your toddler takes time to warm up to new situations and people, preferring to observe from the sidelines before feeling comfortable enough to join in. His/her thoughtful disposition makes him/her seem wiser than his/her years, and you may notice that s/he will consider things carefully before s/he acts. A gentle soul, s/he is sensitive to others’ feelings and needs, and is especially kind to other children and animals.


Here are some onesies we think you’d like for your little old soul!

This cute design gives us “all the feels” and perfectly captures your little’s sweet-natured personality.

Our ‘old soul’ design portrays your toddler’s sweet, contemplative nature and wisdom beyond their years.

Be Kind Bodysuit
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This is the perfect design for your babe’s sweet personality and spirit, and a beautiful reminder to those who see it.


Old souls are the sun. They’re the spark. They’re all the colors of a rainbow, and the depths of the earth.
— Lori De La Cruz